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Welcome to Bid Brain
Today there are so many auction houses and multiple auctions ending every week. Bidding in and tracking these auctions is difficult with all the rest of one's commitments. Not to mention the concerns with leaving your maximum bids in the auction house's system. Now all of the auction lots you are interested in can be tracked in one place by a third party. You can be notified when each new bid is made on a lot or when the lot reaches a certain bid level.
All current auctions we track are downloaded into our database. These auctions can be searched by keywords from one interface. Links are provided to go to the original listing on the auction house's site. Searches can be saved for automated notification when new auctions come online with items that match your search. Notifications can be set up for any of the monitored auctions. These notifications can be configured to be sent when a certain bid level is reached or for every bid placed.
All of the auctions are monitored from the start to the end of the auction. You select the price levels that are important to you. The levels are not disclosed to any other party especially the auction house. There is no need to worry about leaving a max bid or being outbid late in the auction without knowing.
Emails and text messages can be sent whenever a lot you are following has a bid of importance to you. Daily or weekly reports are also prepared for all of the lots you are tracking. Don't worry about ever missing a bid or the end of an auction again.